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Process Simulation Studies

We undertake projects large and small and guarantee you an efficient and cost effective service. Contact us to discuss your requirements today

SmartKoncept Technology provide unique and specialized technical (project based) services for customers in the area of Process Simulation Studies (Steady state & dynamic), Flowsheet Building & Convergence, Custom model Development, Control & safety studies, Energy reduction studies, Front-end (Excel/COM) Interface & Customization, adsorption, chromatography & Ion-exchange process modeling and design.

We serve a variety of process engineering industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Fuel Cell, Air Separation, Ethanol Dehydration, Gas processing, Environmental, Batch and pharmaceutical. We undertake from very small projects to large projects  in a timely and cost effective manner.   Our clients include Nova Chemicals, Lyondell Equistar, ConocoPhillips, US Department of Energy (DOE), Merisol, UOP, TGPE, to mention just a few.  Please contact us for your need.

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Process Engineering Design & Simulation services

Process Simulation Studies Custom Model Building Adsorption PSA Chromatography DOE Energy Reduction Project Engineering Training

"The process application consulting and training provided by SmartKoncept Technology Services far exceeded our expectations. SmartKoncept were the first to successfully build a functional model that provides an accurate representation of Merisol's commercial & pilot SMB processes.

They also provided enough training for us to continue our work thereafter. We are happy that SmartKoncept and Aspen have a good working relationship"  

- Trey Clanton,

Technology Manager, Merisol, Houston, USA

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