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 Chemical, Petrochemical & Petroleum Processes Engineering Design & Simulation Services

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We undertake the simulation and design of adsorption and chromatographic units or complete processes for our customers. Whether you're doing a one off study or you have periodic simulation needs, we can do the job for you. We take the strain from you. You do not have to pay license fee or devote all your effort to learning or converging difficult simulations.

Adsorption PSA & Chromatography Simulation  Services

Our Areas of Service:

If your adsorption simulation need is for Air Separation , Gas Processing, Adsorbents/Catalyst, Environmental, Chemical & Refining or Fuel cell we can undertake the job for you.

We can simulate your process from simple breakthrough to complete process cycle, including adsorption, desorption, depressurization, pressurization etc. We can develop the models and process flowsheet required.

Our competencies in this area include:

Adsorption Modeling Services:

We can help you with Chromatography simulation needs in Pharmaceutical , Bio-technology, Fine Chemicals, Foods & Additives, Refining, Noble Metals, Adsorbents/Catalyst or Environmental . We have experience in a variety of processes; these include:

Our expertise include:

Chromatography Modeling Services:

Adsorption Services

Chromatography  Services