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Custom Modeling & Interface  Services

We can help you develop your own process or unit operations Custom models using Aspen Custom Modeler,  Microsoft Visual Basic™, C++ or FORTRAN.  Such models could for example be a reactor, consumer goods, fine chemicals, metals, fuel cell, biotech, etc. The models could immediately be used along with your simulation either in Aspen Plus or Hysys.

We can

We have more than 50man years of experience in Custom Modeling. Our Engineers were originally involved in both the development and applications of modeling tools such as Speedup and Aspen Custom Modeler.

Custom  Modeling Services:

We can help you to develop your own custom interfaces to physical properties (including your own in-house package) or provide an easy to use Excel Front end Interface on top of other simulation tools such as Aspen Custom Modeler.

SmartKoncept Technology can also:

We have more than 25man years of experience in Interfaces.

Custom  Interface Services: