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Process Modeling • Simulation • Design

 Chemical, Petrochemical & Petroleum Processes Engineering Design & Simulation Services

Steady State - Dynamic Simulation - Custom Modeling - Adsorption - Chromatography

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Process Simulation Studies  - Steady State & Dynamics

We can perform complete Steady State process flowsheet building and convergence. Some of the tools we use include  Aspen Plus & HYSYS. Whether it is for a petroleum (upstream / downstream), chemical or petrochemical process, we can undertake the process flowsheet building and simulation for you.

Steady state Simulation:

Some of the tools we use include HYSYS Dynamics, Aspen Dynamics, as well as Dynsim. In dynamic simulation, we can help you with

Dynamic Simulation

Investigate how your process plant (or unit operation equipment) will behave over a period of time including during upsets

Perform operability engineering studies and verify performance in normal and abnormal operating conditions

Improve the design, operability, and productivity of process facilities while keeping the capital and operating costs to a minimum

Process Control Issues

Design or analysis your process control schemes  to ensure they will properly handle disturbances (e.g., fractionators, reactors, location of sensors, etc.).

Analyze and predict compressor performance and control strategy or tuning methods to avoid regular trips

Process Equipment Shutdown

Design / analysis start-up, shutdown and process transition strategies

Determine how plant will operate when you take an equipment out for maintenance

Improve control strategy to minimize flaring (and associated penalty and cost for flaring)

Process distruption & Operations

Hazard and Safety Studies such as  pressure relief, flare systems and emergency shutdown systems

Predict the consequences of equipment failures, power failures or other operational problems and ensure that a plant is designed to safely handle such events

Confirm that process disruptions will not result in unacceptable plant emissions

Process Hazard & Safety Studies